21st Century Visioneers - Jamestown, ND (Cohort 7 - 2018)

Team Members

  • Tami Dillman
  • Tonya Perkins
  • Trisha Jungels
  • Amy Walters

Team Overview

Achieving a safe and efficient active transportation network in Jamestown requires a long-term approach.  Incremental progress has been made to move toward the goal of a connected, unified and efficient city.    Our team and Community Health Partnership agencies have been successful in getting City Council approval for a downtown walking route that is currently in place and placing signage to mark local trails.  Additionally, the City of Jamestown was recently awarded a Transportation Alternatives Grant for sidewalk connectivity by the newly constructed Two Rivers Activity Center (TRAC) managed by the Jamestown Parks and Recreation Department.   Our team plans to continue to build on these successes.  This applied health leadership project will be utilized to improve access to physical activity by focusing on built environment approaches:  pedestrian infrastructure, bicycle infrastructure, parks & recreational access while increasing community engagement to make progress on the top health priority in our community.  This includes focused work on sidewalk connectivity, active transportation (pedestrian and bicycles) enhancements, a community bike fleet for the parks program and increasing engagement for the local Community Health Partnership coalition to more effectively leverage community resources.  
See the Prezi created as part of the culminating team report by 21st Century Visioneers here.