Fayette County Living Well Work Group - Fayette County, WV (Cohort 7 - 2018)

Team Members

  • Lauren Weatherford
  • Teri N. Harlan
  • Kim Major
  • Gabriel Peña

Team Overview

We want to be the catalyst for improved public health opportunities and establish ourselves as a resource for additional communities to replicate success.

  1. In the Montgomery/Smithers area they have received a Healthy Places for Healthy People technical assistance grant. We want to participate and support this initiative. They are looking at trail development connecting the communities across the river, and to the only grocery store. There is also a new YMCA in the area and they are looking for partners to promote health and wellness for the community. Lastly, we are looking to link the schools to these efforts. What shared use is happening? Are there educational needs? Are there opportunities for the schools, students, staff, families and the community to be involved in this project, support it's development create long-term success? 
  2. We want to look for other similar opportunities throughout the county. Several of our small cities and town have made steps towards health improvements. Are there community leaders who need support to do more?
  3. Through use of our school-based community health centers what can we do to expand public health opportunities, community attitudes and involvement? Are there more opportunities for shared use of our schools to support health and wellness?
  4. What policy changes are needed and possible at the county and even the state level?