Fresher Is Better - Murray County, KY (Cohort 6 - 2017)

Team Members

  • Amy Ferguson
  • Miranda Terry
  • Michelle Hansen

Team Overview

In Calloway County, 17.5% of our children between the ages of 2 and 4 are considered obese in addition to 29% of our adult population.  Calloway County has 23 fast food restaurants, which make up 31% of our restaurants.  We have under utilized ADA compliant walking paths available which is an asset of our built environment in our community.  This all leads up to obesity as one of the top problems for Calloway County.  By educating school aged children, early interventions will lead to life long healthy behaviors of good nutritional choices and increased physical activity, thereby decreasing the percentage of obesity in our community. We plan to decrease processed foods through the promoting of locally available healthy foods.  This will include education in our schools.  We want to change the mind set of school aged children toward healthy nutrition choices thereby affecting parents and siblings food choices.  This project will build upon our first health challenge, Rethink Your Drink.  That campaign and challenge helped to reduce sugar consumption by 102 pounds over a 4 week period.  Building upon the success of this campaign, Healthy Kids, Healthy Lives will continue the momentum of healthier food choices.