Georgia Project LAUNCH Leadership Team - Atlanta, GA (Cohort 7 - 2018)

Team Members

  • Twanna L. Nelson
  • Erica Fener Sitkoff
  • Emily Graybill
  • Sherrita L. Summerour

Team Overview

We are proposing to develop a comprehensive plan for integration of behavioral health services that include developmental and social emotional screening, and connection of families to targeted interventions to prevent the manifestation of more severe physical, mental, behavioral, and academic problems.  Our plan will also include a family engagement component with peer to peer supports.  We will work to overcome access to evidence-based screening in early childhood for low-income, rural, and minority populations.   In recent years, influential research in fields of cognitive neuroscience have brought to the attention of practitioners and policymakers alike the importance of the first years of development and the ability for children to have greater success when interventions are put into place early. Moreover, our growing understanding of the long-term effects of adverse childhood experiences, including exposure to violence and familial substance abuse, on health and well-being highlights the need for early attention to the indications of risk for such adversity.