Houston Pediatric Asthma Reduction Team - Houston, TX (Cohort 6 - 2017)

Team Members

  • Loren Raun
  • Gwen Johnson
  • Daniel Price
  • Patricia Emerson

Team Overview

In 2012, children asthma related care costs in Houston cost the Texas Children’s Health Plan in excess of $4 million dollars. By 2025, Houston is expected to rank fourth in the United States for pediatric asthma episodes and lost school days due to ozone season and lost school days due to asthma. Between 2004 and 2013 an estimated 1,800 asthma attacks in children were treated via ambulance response for children residing in Houston’s Independent School District, equating to  one ambulance-related asthma treatment every-other-day in this 10-year period for a health issue  that is often preventable. The highest rates of ambulance treatment occurred in school zones with a higher percentage of socioeconomically disadvantaged students. The racial/ethnic makeup of 37 of the 41 high rate elementary school zones is over 90% African American and/or Hispanic. The need for dissemination and implementation of established asthma management strategies to promote asthma control in children is critical. Evidence points to the potential success of multi-sector interventions that address child asthma management and control through integration of medical care (access, quality and coverage of care), family (caregiver management), home (environmental), and community (school-based). The proposed study will examine a cross-sector approach to dissemination and implementation of evidence based asthma care interventions in Houston, Texas.  We will use a collaborative approach to promote program integration into practice across medical care, payor, community, home and individual levels.  School nurses will identify high risk asthmatic children, provide continued asthma education and monitoring, communicate with provider as needed, evaluate the need for/initiate community health worker asthma trigger home assessment visits and remediation.  Integrated care will  occur through open communication between nurse, payor/provider, health worker, family.  

Team Documents