Lift You Up! Early Childhood Leaders in Health and Wellbeing - Jefferson County, CO (Cohort 7 - 2018)

Team Members

  • Mary Margaret Fouse-Bishop
  • Charlotte Farewell
  • Tracy Doig
  • Shellie McKeown

Team Overview

Our team is proposing to develop a Health and Wellness Community Leadership Training Model for childcare providers and parents of young children that can be applied in rural and urban community settings.  Through this model, providers and parents will have the opportunity to connect with other community leaders, learn strategies for self-care, engage in peer support groups, develop and enhance leadership skills, and elevate their self-efficacy to influence local programs and policies. This project will take a three-fold approach:

  1. Conduct a community assessment to identify leaders in early child care health and wellness (providers, parents, etc.) in one rural and one urban area of Jefferson County.
  2. Form a community leadership cohort to identify needed resources and supports related to social and emotional development of early child care providers and families.
  3. Train leaders on a strategic planning process to make systems-level changes in their communities and promote sustainable leadership skills. We will initially implement our pilot project in one rural and one urban community with strong evaluation processes utilizing the PDSA model. The goal is to develop a model that can be replicated around the state, extended to diverse community leaders in early childhood, and adapted for specific language and cultural needs.