Sonoma County Healthy Aging Collaborative - Sonoma County, CA (Cohort 3 - 2014)

Team Members

  • Ellen Bauer
  • Marianne McBride
  • Mary Maddux-Gonzalez
  • Oscar Chavez
  • Shirlee Zane
  • Diane Kaljian

Team Overview

The Sonoma County Healthy Aging Collaborative will focus on providing leadership around and greater visibility for the challenges and opportunities facing aging adults, who compose a large percentage of Sonoma County’s population. This will require a holistic approach that extends beyond the traditional health sector to include other community systems, including food, transportation, housing, neighborhoods, and built and natural environments. The goal of this work is to create healthier, safer communities where older adults can “age in place” and participate in neighborhood and community life. The Healthy Aging Collaborative will provide leadership to identify and coordinate strategies for meaningful and sustainable investments in the health and well-being of aging community members.

Team Documents