Team Salud - Las Cruces, NM (Cohort 6 - 2017)

Team Members

  • George Richards
  • Katharine Perez-Lockett
  • David Daniels
  • Brenda Alvarado

Team Overview

There is currently no localized or regional documented communication or information sharing protocol for infectious disease emergency preparedness and response along the US border with Mexico. Isolated rural minority populations on both sides of the international border lack communication technology and are separated from large population centers where health information may be communicated by the media or word of mouth. Without a documented bi-national communication or information sharing protocol, these vulnerable populations may not receive important health information, prevention or treatment during an infectious disease emergency. The absence of a formal communications protocol denies access to populations in greatest need of assistance during a public health emergency. Team Salud, in collaboration with the Texas State Department of Health Services and bi-national health partners in Chihuahua, Mexico, develops a comprehensive Communication and Information Sharing protocol for inclusion in local, state, and bi-national Infectious Disease Emergency Preparedness and Response Plans. This multi-sector effort involves stakeholders from four state governments and two national governments. Our AHLP outcome directly impacts a border population of nearly 1-million people and increases the Emergency Preparedness and Response capacity of the US-Mexico Border Health Commission by providing access to vital health information, prevention or treatment to isolated populations during an infectious disease emergency.