Thrive WI: Wisconsin's Alliance for Health Equity - Wisconsin, Statewide (Cohort 2 - 2013)

Team Members

  • Paula Tran Inzeo 
  • David Liners 
  • Jennifer Weitzel 
  • Katherine Vaughn-Jehring 

Team Overview

The team plans to build the Wisconsin Health Equity Alliance (WHEA), a powerful, permanent statewide network for achieving health equity. The WHEA will serve as a hub for training, strategy development, state meetings, and planned acting for change. Through WHEA community organizers, public health practitioners, and academia will have a strong collective impact on policy and systems change needed to improve health outcomes and reduce health disparities in Wisconsin. The team will build the foundation for WHEA by

  • Developing a new partnership between community organizers, public health practitioners, and academic professionals
  • Developing the details of a shared vision and creating an action plan
  • Convening a Wisconsin Health Equity Summit with additional stakeholders to share the action plan, receive feedback, and implement initial action items

Team Documents