Trauma Informed Prevention and Care Collaborative - Des Moines, IA (Cohort 7 - 2018)

Team Members

  • Erin Drinnin
  • Liz Cox
  • Holly Hanson
  • Helen Eddy

Team Overview

Using Polk County, Iowa as a testing ground, we seek to build a model that we can transfer to our entire state to mobilize the community to  reduce the number of adverse childhood experiences while building resilience and a more effective service delivery system. We plan to achieve this project through various means, including dialogue with key cross-sector leaders and stakeholders to increase awareness of ACE concepts and the importance of the continuum of prevention and care; address health equity and the social determinants of health across sectors, since those factors drive ACEs; and utilize a series of action-learning strategies as we perform a needs assessment for our group. 

Team Documents