Archived NLAPH Core Webinar Resources: Framing the Message

June 6, 2014


Thank you to those of you who attended this webinar. Please visit the webinar webpage to:

  • Scroll to the bottom to download archived presentation resources, including Ingrid's PowerPoint presentation.
  • Check out the supplemental optional resources of interest related to the 5 Rules of Storytelling.
  • Click on the red "Listen" ear in the upper right hand corner of the webpage to watch/listen to the archived webinar recording. 


  • What was your 'ah ha' learning moment of the webinar?
  • Does your message work with all of your stakeholders? If no, which stakeholders might need to hear a different message? What about the current message doesn't get the buy-in/reaction that you want?
  • Do your messages reflect community voice? Do your messages speak to advancing health equity?
  • Your framed message(s) influences your Big Picture and your Network Map. For your Big Picture - refine any of the elements now based on what you learned while working on your messages. Is your vision more or less refined now? What did you learn about your pathway that might need to be adjusted? What about your challenges or your stakeholder's challenges? What about your sponsors? What might you need to do to manage up?
  • For your Network Map - what parts of the map are well positioned to support your message? What areas should be expanded and enriched to advance your message and build a movement around your work?

We would love to hear from more of you! Please visit this link to complete the webinar survey and contribute to our continuous quality improvement efforts. Thanks so much!


Teams should have: 

1. Read the Framing Brief “What Surrounds Us, Shapes Us” from Berkeley Media Studies Group.

2. Work on the 'Framing the Message Tool' prior to the webinar. Click here to download it!

3. Clicked here for important information about how to properly save and submit your 'Framing the Message' Tool.